I Know I Don’t

Exhibition by Giola Cassar
Curated by Alexandra Pace

St James Cavalier
10 April – 3 May 2015

I Know I Don’t is an exhibition of parts that establish a whole. That is not to say that what it constitutes is complete. And this is because the matters it addresses are filled with gaps and flaws; the same gaps and flaws that we are constructed of as humans. Two intrinsic faculties we possess as human beings are identity and memory, and both these elements bear a close but complex relationship with each other and with photography. As the chosen medium of Giola Cassar, she points her lens towards her subjects (and the self) almost in a desperate attempt to understand and maintain that which slips through the grasp of memory.

The two bodies of work, which in themselves are based on multiplicity, are fragmented and incomplete, just like our memories, our relationships and our lives. We are invited into the personal space and memories of the artist, whether these are portrayals of truth, a manipulation of the truth we communicate through our identity, or an attempt to construct an ideal truth. All done through a medium that exists on an extremely complicated relationship with authenticity, just like our own lives, identities and affiliations.