Tampered Evidence

Tampered Evidence is a publication that accompanied the exhibition by the same name. Featuring works from the exhibition and an essay by artist and research Dr Vince Briffa, this publication was produced in a limited edition of 100 numbered copies.

Memory is one of the most essential faculties we possess. It sanctions our capacity to remember and to recognize. Without memory such capabilities are rendered ephemeral and lose their significance. Memory is never a simple process of storage (of events or facts) in order to negate their forgetting and therefore their complete as if they never were-ness. In reality, we frequently ask ourselves if we can be totally sure of memory’s accuracy of re-call and eventual re-collection. Memory, even to the sharpest and most capacious of minds, can at times be so evasive that the process of retrieval of the same events or facts, let alone their finer details, becomes an elusive and slippery eventuality. Moreover, the accurate picturing of what is being remembered can fall hostage to the interpretation (through writing or reciting) of the event or fact.

– Excerpt from A Journey in Time in Three Installments, Vince Briffa.