The Artist Is Temporal


Digital video + sound
4 screen installation on a loop

The achievement of time in art an experiment that is doomed to failure? How can we ever ‘capture’ time in any artwork when time is an indivisible and incessant flow? This dissatisfaction and discomfort is what has this work. Much as I try, I fear the work of art cannot really contain time, at least not entirely.

Ultimately, the artist is temporal and time is eternal.

If I was unable to contain time in the work of art, then I wanted to create work that communicates this dissatisfaction, frustration and failure. This is when I set out to create films that are deliciously inaccessible, that are difficult to look at but at the same time draw the viewer in. By reappropriating and repurposing material from cinema that was created with the intention of pleasurable viewing, I set out to make my own versions of these films – at times using a tiny fraction of the entire movie and at other times interfering with the full length of the film.