Digital video + audio, 2:09 mins

In the preface to Henri Bergson’s Key Writings, Keith Ansell Pearson states that ‘duration is non-representational, and as soon as we think it we necessarily spatialise it. (Bergson, 2002) This is the inevitable difficulty and overcoming this would be the quintessential achievement of time in any work of art. But is the achievement of time in art an experiment that is doomed to failure? How can we ever ‘capture’ time in any artwork when time is an indivisible and incessant flow? The attempt to illustrate (achieve) time will naturally lead to the act of spatialising it, and inevitably, it will still end up being a representation.

In this work, I studied the train as the quintessential spatialized representation of time. Similar to the repetitive floors of a hotel, the train serves as a metaphor for a non-place that serves as a container and a vehicle from one state of being to another. It is suspended in time and yet it flows on a linear path that can serve as a metaphor as well as a criticism of the notion of linear time.